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Welcome to London Coffee Peddler!
London Coffee Peddler is located at 127 South Main Street, London Ohio, 43140, between the tracks. This is a full service coffee shop offering Fresh Brewed Coffee, Latte’s, Cappuccino’s, Frappe’s, Smoothies and Italian Soda’s.

Premium Coffee
The premium coffee you enjoy is a result of honest relationships with coffee growers. Many roasters say they help the farmer but it is not real clear how they actually do this. It can be a good "marketing story" to make this claim. Buying beans from someone who bought them from an importer who bought them from the farmer does not necessarily help the farmer. HCR is helping the farmer. This more than a marketable story or a good feeling. HCR has been buying directly from farmers with their sustainability in mind since 2004. The stories of hope and life-change is a book in itself. This is why LCP purchases our coffee from HCR.

We buy from the Farmers
With rising coffee prices, the true test of our intention is this: are we all willing to pay the higher prices and see the farmer benefit from our relationship? For over ten years farmers have sold their coffee for less than it cost to produce. Now higher prices and thinner margins are coming our way and we may be feeling (just a little) of what the farmers have been living with. Some roasters will go under because their model cannot sustain these high green coffee prices. With higher prices being paid to the farmer, will roasters rise to the opportunities and really help farmers or was it just smoke and mirrors.... a marketing story? We will see how this plays out.

Hemisphere Coffee Roasters
LCP buys directly from HCR and HCR buys the coffee directly from the growers, paying a fair price for quality product. Your purchase is an investment in the lives of coffee growers, their families, and their communities, adding satisfaction to every cup. HCR carefully roasts in small batches to produce a delicious coffee batch after batch.

Coffee & Food
We have all of your favorites; House blend and Decaf blend coffee and both hot, cold, and iced, espresso's and Latte's. For your convenience we will offer coffee sleeves buy 6 get one free, daily specials, and open at 6:30 AM for the early riser. We have Umpqua Oats 7 Muffins for Breakfast and Soup & Sandwich for lunch. Please go to the Facepage for the Soup of the Day.

Wireless Internet
We offer free wireless internet and several places to connect your computer to power.

Bike Shop
This is a Coffee Shop with a bicycle problem. We offer a limited number of bicycle repair parts such as tubes, tires, patch kits, and lighting systems. We can also do minor tune-ups For more extensive repairs we work with Bicycle Revival. For those of you into bicycling this is also a great place to find out what is going on in the local area and to find the best places to ride in the area. © 2011-2014